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Hi. My name is David Alexander Slaager, I’m a Dutch graphic designer living in Brussels, Belgium. I am specialized in Web design, typography, icons, posters, journal, video, drawing, tattoo, and I make videos for my VJ sets and video performances. I'm also an old school photographer who likes analogic and blurry pictures. You may find my latest achievements on my network!

Oh, if you want to contact me, here's my address david(AT)dasmuse(DOT)com. Cheers ;)

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My side projects

Yes is true, I have many projects... Because I love to share my typography on "Fonts of Chaos", my unconventional icon on "Icotrip" or my last publication on "LofiRepublic". And that's not even mentioning my music project "O.E.D.A" with my friend Paul.B, my Cap"cake" brand featuring stickers and caps, and my stunning paper toy "MonsieurGus" (my oldest project started in 2002 !).

Sure, I have many projects, and I definitely like that !

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